How to Avoid Harmful Ingredients In Skincare Products

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Today we will learn how to read labels on skin care products to avoid harmful ingredients. World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Working Group have already warned many times about the harmful ingredients and how to avoid harmful ingredients in skincare products. Nowadays Skincare products are used in every home and by everyone. In past, there were many natural home remedies that people used to use in their routine but now since life is very fast no one can spare some time to make home remedies. In today’s world, everyone is looking for fast solutions and for this, they find any possible way. Cosmetic products from different brands around the world offer various products but as a consumer, nobody knows about the harmful outcome of products. As a consumer, we should learn which product is safe and which contains harmful ingredients, and in this article, we will tell you about various ingredients.

How to Avoid Harmful Ingredients In Skincare Products
How to Avoid Harmful Ingredients In Skincare Products

In many skincare products, the word fragrance can be used to hide 3,000 different ingredients that contain sensitizing ingredients. Most of them are irritating to the skin therefore check for natural ingredients. Also, look for other ingredients that also have side effects:


Phthalates are also used in many cosmetic products and serve as preservative agents. Many End Users are not aware of the potential side effects in skincare products. There are many serious side effects related to not only skin but also other health problems which include reproductive problems and cancer.

Parabens: Parabens are also used as preservative agents in many cosmetics and skincare products. However, this agent can also disturb the body’s hormones which creates other skin problems and health issues.

Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is sometimes used as a preservative agent and this is also known as a carcinogen. This agent is a major contributor of causing cancer and other health issues.

Alcohol: This ingredient causes excessive dryness in the skin which will create irritation.

Mercury: This ingredient is also commonly used in most of skin whitening and lightening creams or serums. WHO has initiated steps to stop this ingredient and raised this issue with the help of different countries. For detail, you can read an article on this on the World Health Organization’s Official Website.

It is advisable to select those cosmetic products that are free from the above-mentioned ingredients. Keep visiting WHO and EWG websites to check the updated list of harmful ingredients. These organizations provide guidelines from time to time about harmful ingredients according to new research.

In the ingredients area, you can also check the safety ratings which are suggested by various renowned organizations for the rating of that specific product. The most reliable and authentic rating organization is the EWG Environmental Working Group. You will find many natural remedies on our website. You can look 5 Natural Solutions for Improving Skin Tone and Reducing Pigmentation

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